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With John Broadhurst
I am running for Congress because I want to contribute to building the future we deserve. When led vigorously and wisely, the federal government is one of the most powerful forces for economic and social progress in America.

We need better government. We need new leadership.

The US population is expected to reach nearly 400 million by the end of this century. In the decades to come we must be prepared to face economic disruptions, Climate Change disasters, demographic changes at home and shifts in the geo-political landscape abroad.
Facing these challenges calls for leadership which deals with the world as it is. Leadership committed to honesty and shared prosperity. Leadership dedicated to making government work for all.

While recent events have exposed some of our worst instincts, another side of America has revealed itself: the generosity, the extraordinary kindness, the intelligence, the ‘can-do’ attitude, the irrepressible hope & optimism.  In a word - our humanity.
This America represents the majority.

I welcome debate. I can deal with criticism and pushback. But I cannot accept obstruction and will not ‘kick the can’ to the next generation. We need to reboot America now.

This campaign is about you, our shared history, our values and our future together.  We will reach out to all Pennsylvanians of the 10th District – workers, business professionals, parents, students, old-timers, and first-timers. We have a story to tell, practical ideas, a clear sense of direction and energy to spare. But we will need your help and support.  In politics as in life, no one succeeds alone. If you can, please contribute to our campaign. If you would like to play a more active role, please contact us.

We are stronger together.



Intellectual honesty is the basis for all public debate and decision-making.


All Americans are equal before the law. All deserve respect & dignity.


All Americans must share in our collective prosperity and the security of our institutions.


All public servants must be held to the highest ethical standards.

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